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Photography by Robin Broadbent

ZOA™ is a collection of sustainable materials for a new age. Designed in Modern Meadow’s lab, ZOA integrates a range of unique biofabrication technologies to deliver enhanced material performance and sustainability.

Modern Meadow’s objective is to fuel world-class brands through partnerships that amplify their positive impact on the Earth. ZOA, Modern Meadow’s world of biofabricated materials, helps our partners re-invent their products and transform their businesses. We create climate positive materials, designed to have a positive impact on climate change, that align with brands’ strategic priorities and address consumers’ demands for more sustainable products—without compromising performance. Every material in the ZOA family lives up to these high standards.

ZOA’s first premium product, Zi™, is made of a Bio-Alloy™ assembled with engineered proteins and bio-based polymers. It is animal-free, reduces fossil fuels and emissions, and is built to last.

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