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Created for both the eco-minded and design conscious, ZOA™ biofabricated materials give brands an opportunity to reinvent or launch their products with function and sustainability.

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built by biology

ZOA™ is designed for sustainability and performance. Modern Meadow was founded on a mission to create materials that support a healthier planet. At Modern Meadow, we know that our planet’s health requires stewardship in multiple areas, from combating climate change and maintaining balanced ecosystems to supporting circular production systems and eliminating industrial waste. The simple commitment to support a healthier planet poses a complex design challenge.

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rooted in sustainability

Modern Meadow was founded on a mission to create materials that support a healthier planet.

ZOA™ meets this challenge by placing sustainability at the root of our innovation and design processes. From the inputs we select to the processes we develop, ZOA is designed to help our partners adopt innovative sustainable materials into their products.

zoa's sustainability principles

take urgent climate action

Livestock emissions and petroleum-derived energy production accounts for approximately 14.5% and 66% of our global manmade greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, respectively.* We work to minimize GHG emissions and reduce depletion of fossil fuel resources in the creation of our ZOA™ materials.

*Sources: Food and Agriculture Organization at the United Nations, 2020; World Resources Institute, 2020.

maintain a balanced ecosystem

ZOA™ is a family of animal-free, plant-derived biofabricated materials. Our materials are produced using a solvent-free process anticipated to use less water than conventional synthetic material production. We support the growth of a sustainable bioeconomy by carefully selecting our inputs to minimize agricultural land use, freshwater consumption, and eutrophication.

promote circularity and responsible end of life

ZOA™ materials are built to last. With circularity in mind, ZOA is designed to reduce depletion of raw materials, encourage production from non-virgin inputs, and minimize waste during production and at the end of its useful life.

every decision we make during the development of our materials is driven with sustainability in mind

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